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GR 65 (St. James' Way) from Puy en Velay to Cahors

GR 65 (St. James' Way) from Puy en Velay to Cahors

The St. James' Way (or Chemin de Compostelle in French) is a pilgrimage path leading to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.The signed GR 65 is a part of this path which is also part of the European walking route E3.

This path is primarily used by walkers, but most of it can be ridden. We suggest to avoid July and August, when the path is full of walkers. There are a few technical parts when it can necessary to walk. The GR 65 is always going up and down the hills (mountains) so will have an intensive ride there.

If you are well prepared, you can plan the ride the equivalent of 3 walking days in only 1 riding day.

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