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21 Août
Matin : Nuageux , 17.7°C
Midi : Voilé , 26.5°C
Après-Midi : Voilé , 29.3°C
Soir : Nuageux , 24.6°C

22 Août
Matin : Averses , 17.7°C
Midi : Orages nombreux , 25.6°C
Après-Midi : Orages nombreux , 28.4°C
Soir : Voilé , 24.8°C

23 Août
Matin : Averses , 17.5°C
Midi : Voilé , 25.4°C
Après-Midi : Voilé , 28.9°C
Soir : Voilé , 24.9°C

24 Août
Matin : Dégagé , 16.9°C
Midi : Dégagé , 24.6°C
Après-Midi : Dégagé , 27°C
Soir : Dégagé , 21.4°C

25 Août
Matin : Voilé , 11°C
Midi : Voilé , 16.7°C
Après-Midi : Voilé , 20.7°C
Soir : Dégagé , 16.4°C

26 Août
Matin : Nuageux , 9.9°C
Midi : Nuageux , 17.9°C
Après-Midi : Dégagé , 21.8°C
Soir : Nuageux , 18.8°C

27 Août
Matin : Voilé , 10.3°C
Midi : Dégagé , 19°C
Après-Midi : Dégagé , 24.4°C

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The Luberon

The Luberon

Lubéron is located in the South East of France, in Provence, east of Avignon, about 50Km north of Marseilles. The weather can be very hot for biking during summer so we recommend going in spring or autumn.

The higher hill culminate at 1125m (Mourre Negre). The tracks are dry and mainly rocky and lavender-smelling.

The best way to discover the Luberon is to loop around it in about 4 to 7 days, doing about 40-70Km of uphill/downhill track every day. On your way you can stop and visit typical provence villages such as Roussillon and Lacoste or Gordes.

Take everything you need for your day (especially to drink) when you leave a village as shops are scarce along the way.

Between Roussillon and Rustrel there is a place called Colorado Provencal which is famous for mountain bikers, expecially free-riders. You can ride the red ochre surrounded by yellow and white chimneys in a very peculiar landscape.

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There are many hotels and bed and breakfasts (Maisons d'Hotes) in the main villages: Cavaillon, Manosque, Apt, Lourmarin, Lauris,. You can also find a few accomodation in the middle of the country side.

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Bike rental/repair
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You can rent bikes in Cavaillon, Manosque, Forcalquier.

Getting there

By train: SNCF station in Avignon, and closer in Cavaillon. By air: Avignon - Caumont airport.

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